createher stock launch 420

I have quite a few reasons to be jumping for joy and screaming THANK YA from the rooftops! One being that CreateHER Stock is launching today - for you - for me - for all the awesome women of color who have been needing a place to call their own.  When it comes to being able to Google search things like "black women bloggers" or "pics of millennial black women", a few things happen; 1. You get images that lack the "personality" you need or 2. You simply download what you can get from the internet and not think twice about copyright.

Well ladies, I'm happy to bring the solution to that and more. In the past month or so I've received so much love and support from not only my online community of cyber friends but also from random strangers who genuinely appreciate me for diving into this resource. I'm humbled. There have been so many hours of staring at my laptop, taking pictures every chance I got, restless nights tweaking the website pages, and writing out tons of emails to share CreateHER Stock with other women.

In the midst of all the hard work that was put into this resource for women like you, I often found myself randomly noticing the numbers - 420 - all around me at the most unforeseen times. No, this is totally not about engaging in "420 activities like Marley"  but instead, 420 has some huge significance for me and my life. If you're into numerology and universal things like that then cool! You will probably understand this a bit better than most. I would see the numbers 420 in various ways from when I'd look up and notice the time to seeing a Facebook post that has 420 comments. Creepy? Not at all.

createher stock launch 420

Like just now as I'm writing this to you, I saw it again searching through my settings tab. This number is confirmation for me. To various people the numbers 4-2-0 mean very similar things because when you add them together, you get the number 6. This number is said to represent equilibrium.

  • Love, Luck, Chance, Health, and Beauty
  • Harmony and Balance
  • Meditation and Intelligence
  • Creation and Perfection

The idea of CreateHER Stock came to me by chance. I just knew it would be something great to create and share. I took many risks and made a few last minute moves all because I've never felt so sure about anything as much as what I've created for you. 420 symbolizes to me that any journey I make will always return the love and intention I put into waking my path. 

It may not be perfect but it's mine. Just as CHS is yours - it's ours. It's something I've purposely been keeping watch for so cheers to a successful launch and I truly hope you enjoy what's to come. 

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