7 Incredible Facts About Women-Owned Businesses

To put it bluntly, there should be more businesses run by women. However, that is not the case due to a long list of reasons, primarily that women have not been given the chance to be entrepreneurs.

When you think about it, there are some businesses which only a woman would be able to pull off. These businesses may seem to be gender stereotypes. However, it so happens that most women already knew about these things and were comfortable doing it. For instance, curtains and blankets were things that women did at home because they knew how to sew. That is no longer the case now, as less and less teenagers even know how to thread a needle.

#Werk | How We Choose What Images To Create Next

As a small and unique team, curating images that align with both our platform and fulfill the needs of our users, can be a bit tricky at times. However, we have a system in place that helps us to spend time snapping photos of what’s most requested. 

CreateHER Stock’s primary images focus more on lifestyle, simple, and creative images that can be used by bloggers and creatives who just want to dress up their online space with visuals that feel right to them. This means, we love simple images that can get a point across.