1. Find a Zen Place - Every mompreneur needs that comfortable, peaceful place to get stuff done in. The place that looks pretty, smells good and looks like the walls are throwing up fabulousness with amazing art and inspiration. If you can escape to that place with no interruptions for at least an hour a day then you can almost conquer the world with laser like focus.

2. Keep Track of Your Time - We all know that time is beyond precious and every second is valuable. As a mom in business, we often have to give so much of our time to others—husband, kids, family, friends or job, leaving little to no time for our own pursuits. To do lists and calendars are great time management tools, but the uber busy mom needs something a bit more robust to keep track of time. Good thing there is always an app for that! In comes the Rescue Time app who’s tag line is “ Find your ideal work life balance” allowing you to track how much time you spend on various tasks from social media, to watching T.V. to answering emails.

3. Let Go of Perfection - As women we often try to live up to some made up standard of perfection. Let’s get something straight. Perfection is a dream killer and a murderer of creativity. Perfectionism is an illusion, stopping you from completing your tasks making you waste time doing things over and over. It is better to complete a task to the best of your ability and move on than to not do it all or waste hours trying to make it perfect. Done is better than perfect. Get it done and find ways to go back and improve it later. “Perfectionism is fear in high heeled shoes- the haute couture of fear” - Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray Love

4. Hack More Hours Into a Day - Spend less time doing things that don’t matter and that don’t contribute to your own self improvement or business goals. That means get off candy crush, stop binging on reality shows and lay off the celebrity gossip (oh yeah and that includes you Scandal lovers). This will most likely free up a few hours for you to answer emails, check off more items on your to do list, do more brainstorming and execute your business plan or even get more beauty sleep.

5.Shut off Notifications - Technology is awesome and I totally get that we need information right away, in order to stay up date and be responsive to our communities and customers. Admit it though, notifications are killing you softly. The distractions are endless and they are all synced in real time to your phones, pads, tablets, computers. We are really doing way too much and not getting much done! Unplug more often and get more done!