#Werk | How We Choose What Images To Create Next

As a small and unique team, curating images that align with both our platform and fulfill the needs of our users, can be a bit tricky at times. However, we have a system in place that helps us to spend time snapping photos of what’s most requested. 

CreateHER Stock’s primary images focus more on lifestyle, simple, and creative images that can be used by bloggers and creatives who just want to dress up their online space with visuals that feel right to them. This means, we love simple images that can get a point across.

Although we often host creative photo sessions, allowing the community to support - a few things we have to always take into consideration is location, those we work with, time, and of course the post batch editing process. We still have HUNDREDS of images in our queue currently being edited to share with you.

It’s simple, we listen to the feedback from users and photograph things you desire the most. We get feedback from places such as Twitter polls we share, image requests within Premium, surveys, and even various comments found on our blogs or within emails we receive. So, what do we do with that information? Well, we rate feedback based on

  • the number of requests
  • time needed to photograph
  • how it aligns with the CreateHER platform, which for us is “Creating authentic stock images for women of color.”

We said it before, and we’ll say it again, we’re not a one-stop shop for all things stock photos, but we do have a great habit of sharing some amazing counterparts of ours who create equally amazing content if we don’t currently offer what someone is seeking. Support the community, right?


We recently implemented a few things to help our platform not only expand but also become a bit more convenient for users like you. 

1. Recently Launched - Custom Stock - for brands and businesses
  • Create Your Story, Visually. Perfect for those seeking images to be created specifically for their unique brands. 

2. Launching Soon - CreateHERs Shop
  • Purchase premium, individual photo packs without the commitment of a monthly subscription. Want to sell your images with us? Apply Today.

We hope you continue to support this constantly growing platform as well as others. We have some exciting things ahead. What do you hope to see from us in 2017? Leave your thoughts below. 

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