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The very first of many features we'll be sharing that highlight our contributors and their monthly images we feature in CHS photo packs. Dwayne is a loving father and professional photographer from NOLA and is now based in Austin, Texas. His company - DHills Photography works with agencies, startups, and design studios on projects that span websites, apps, motion, print and brands. We totally LOVE his awesome work.

So much so that he allowed us to feature a few of his images in this month's August photo pack to our subscribers. If you missed it - you should join the list! Let's chit chat with Dwayne - our only male contributor to such a vibrant community of fabulous women. 

Q1. Tell us a bit about who you are and how you found yourself in the world of photography? What's your story?
I was born and raised in New Orleans, La. and relocated to Austin, Tx following Hurricane Katrina. I have always been a creative person, drawing and doodling as a kid.
In the year 2000 I started exploring the art of photography. I started out shooting street style imagery in the French Quarter. Later after exploring all of the technical aspects of the art, I began shooting people and thats when I discovered my love for the genre.

Q2. What do you love most about being behind the lens while working with others?
When I am in the studio working, I feel like I’m on the porch with a friend having a glass to tea. Then again its not work. I am truly in my zone. I am a people person and photography has given me unlimited access to people from all walks of life. Photography has connected me with many new friends far and near whom are dear to my heart.

Q3. If photography wasn't an avenue for you, what would have been your alternate choice? Why?
If I was not a photographer, I would be in the computer industry. Technology is my passion, or should I say addiction. I spent several years building and supporting computers and dabbling in code before I transitioned into photography.

get to know dwayne hills photography
Dwayne Hills, Photographer

Q4. Your work is beautiful and the CHS community would love to see more of your work around here. Would you consider future collaborations with us? We’re a bunch of women, so no pressure ... ok, well maybe a little bit.
I would be honored to be apart of the CHS community and to support your efforts. Its very enlightening for me as a father of four daughters to see women paving the way for girls like them.

Q5. We believe that the work we do as creatives should reflect our truest authentic selves. How do you own your own image as a photographer?
The field of stock photography has for years been dominated by the likes of europeans. I have taken on the approach that I would like to see more people of color in the marketing ads targeted towards me. I feel it is my duty to use my talents to expose the culture of african americans to the world.

Q6. Do you have any great advice for others seeking to find their purpose in life - whether through photographer or other niches?
When speaking to people regarding their passion, its inevitable that their response mentions waiting for the right time. If there is something burning in your soul, then the time is now.
If your into photography, get out today after work and shoot something, start building your body of work. The hardest part of any endeavor is getting started, so just do it. 

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