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When the image of a Black woman with big hair in an off-shoulder top ran across my Instagram feed, I took immediate notice and gave the quickest of likes. I took it upon myself to scroll through her feed and fell in love with the freshness of her images. My next move created a great connection with her!
Monica Ukah is a Nigerian blogger and Harvard student based in California. She's a lover of all things stylish and trendy. Fashion is the muse! She was generous enough to allow CHS to share some of her amazing images in this month's September photo pack with subscribers. If you missed it, get on the list! Let's get to know Monica...

Q1: Who are you? Tell us your story. 
I'm a Frank Ocean enthusiast, dreamer, sushi devourer, and Harvard senior trying to figure out what my next move is before I graduate! If I'm not drafting a post for my blog or painting my nails, there's a 10% chance I'm watching classic Whitney Houston performances on youtube, a 30% chance I'm shopping online, a 30% chance I'm doing an actual assignment, and a 20% chance I'm playing around with the idea of going to the gym (which cannot happen until I find my sneakers so...).
Anyways, I've always loved expressing myself through photography and fashion, and I'm honored to be featured by CHS!

Q2: How did you come up with the concept for your blog, ChicBlackChick? What was your inspiration?
I always laugh because when I was thinking of the name for my blog, I really did actually consider Cheap Black Chick
Q3: If you had to choose - your tech gadgets or the internet - which would you choose and why?
I probably spent way too long weighing pros and cons for each option, but I think I'd have to go with my tech gadgets. My camera, iPad mini, even my computer -- they all have functionality beyond the internet. People lived without the internet for decades, and I know I could manage, but I can't go back to a world without my music being on my phone wherever I go. 

Q4: What has authentic photography allowed you to create for your content in regards to perception? 

Authentic photography allows me to craft beauty out of the mundane moments of my pretty mundane life. Nothing I have on my blog is inherently special or unique (outside of the fact that I consider myself to be a somewhat unique individual). It's the photography that brings my outfit to life. The photos are what showcase DIY projects and inspire my readers to try them out for themselves! Photography is the way I'm able to artfully represent my memories and share them with the world. 

Q5: Why did you choose to share your beautiful images with CreateHER Stock?
I believe in CHS. So so much! It's a brilliant solution to a problem that I hadn't been able to name until it came along. Contributing my photos was the least I could do to support.
Q6: Any special things happening in life? What can we expect?

Graduation is looming real close even though it's only September! Balancing the blog + job search + possible thesis will be tough, but I'm always down for a challenge!

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