We often get some amazing people who contribute images that resonate greatly with many of us. 'm sure you've caught a Olakunmi is one who brings beauty in it's simplest form. If you're apart of VIP, I'm sure you've caught a glimpse of some of her work that she was gracious enough to share with us.

Q1 - Who are you? Describe yourself in 3 words. Explain.
A - I am Complex creative woman. With Gods guidance, I hope to use my creativity to inspire the world. My life is about knowing God and helping others know Him. 

Q2 - Your blog is beautiful. What inspired you to create a space dedicated to "individuality, style, and spirituality"? 
Thank you! My space is a platform to encourage others to always be the best version of themselves. To encourage them to follow their dreams whilst chasing God solely. 

Q3 - Is photography something you enjoy as a hobby? - Your images are pure beauty in its simplest form. 

Yes! I enjoy it a lot. There's just something about great clean photos that make me extremely extremely happy. 

Q4 - Why did you choose to share your beautiful images with CreateHER Stock?New blogs are created everyday. I don't want new blog owners to go through the struggle of finding perfect images to go with their blogposts like I did when I first started out. 

Secondly it's quite hard to find a stockpile of photos that show off the beauty and creativity of people of color. This platform is doing just that and there's no better place to express my creativity than through this community. More than anything, I'm excited to be part of a community of creative black women. 

Q5 - What can we expect to see from you or your blog in the next few months? Any special things happening in life?
For the next few months, I intend to take a blogging break and focus on other projects. I feel like I've been forcing ideas and posts and the right thing to do when that happens is to take a break to prevent burning out. I hope to come back refreshed. Emails and other social media platforms would suffice for now. 

Be sure to stop by her blog sometime and give her posts a read. We love them and maybe you will too!

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