I had the pleasure of representing my beloved CreateHER Stock for Quirktastic Weekend this past January. It was super exciting and so much fun being able to surround myself with other amazing brands and digital influencers we all know and love.

I received an email from Bryanda, chief editor and creator of the popular media platform, Quirktastic (previously known as Quirky Brown Love) - sharing that she wanted to invite me out to North Carolina to be apart of this wonderful idea and experience of hers. Quriktastic Weekend is an entrepreneurial weekend press trip she created where she selected some of her favorite online influencers to come out and be apart of her video and podcast series for #Quirksessions and Outchea University, along with of course, connecting and having fun.

Of course, I was down to meet her and others who were coming along! Especially in a city such as Durham, which is also affectionately known as "Black Wall Street". All weekend long, we chatted all things creative entrepreneurship - from our highs and lows to our desired future achievements. When we weren't being business serious, we relaxed and enjoyed the scenery, had fun getting to know each other, took part in Durham nightlife, and formed new friendships.

During the two day weekend trip, those invited out enjoyed a very comfortable stay at 21c Museum Hotel in downtown Durham, which was quite nice to explore. The artwork throughout the hotel is beautiful and very creative. "The Vault" was pretty dope too.

Beverly McIver (2016) - "Hello" // Oil On Canvas Painting

My Favorite art piece. 
The first day as everyone was making their way in, a few of us enjoyed trying out Dame's Chicken and Waffles for the first time. Unfortunately, my choice of getting the Blackened Salmon was laughable since it didn't look like what we all expected (lol) - never again though. Afterwards, we all went back to the hotel, checked in and got settled.

Dame's Chicken + Waffles - Durham

We recorded video interviews the next day in a couple of spots found inside American Underground, a cool co-working space and also the space that houses the Google for Entrepreneurs Hub, where we also enjoyed drinks and mingling thanks to Mati Energy drinks. Our dinner for the first night was courtesy of Counting House, the restaurant and bar found within the hotel.

Relax Life. Hotel Essentials.

Dinner. Counting House - Scallions

Legos + Chill at +Google for Entrepreneurs Hub

Before group interview, American Underground.

A few awesome creatives! 

Overall, the weekend was, in my opinion, a great success. It was great getting to connect with so many familiar, online faces and enjoying the chats and especially the sleepover for our last night together. In case you're still wondering, here is a list of the awesome folks that were apart of this fun weekend:

Check out this quick video giving you a peek into our Quirktastic Weekend experience! Be sure to follow and get to know @Quirktastic_Co and all the other dope creatives mentioned above.

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